Buckeye, Painted  (Aesculus sylvatica)

Buckeye, Painted (Aesculus sylvatica)

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Zones 7-8, NC Native, Local Ecotype

Deciduous shrub

Height/Spread 6-12’

Well-drained, fertile soil

Cream-yellow-pink-orange (variable) flowers in spring

Attracts hummingbirds

  • Bloom Color: Red-Orange-Yellow
  • Bloom Time: Spring
  • Features: Rain Garden
  • Plant Type: Deciduous Tree/Shrub
  • Region: Local Ecotype
  • Region: Native to NC Coastal Plain
  • Region: Native to NC Mountains
  • Region: Native to NC Piedmont
  • Soil Type: Fertile and Well-Drained
  • Sun Exposure: Full to Part Shade
  • Wildlife: Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Wildlife: Fruit or Seeds for Small Mammals
  • Wildlife: Moth or Butterfly Larval Host