How We Operate

Field to Cottage Nursery is a small, two-person operation.  The nursery is set up as a working agricultural space to grow and pot plants, as opposed to a retail garden center where plants are delivered from elsewhere, put on display, and sold by a staff of salespeople.
With those differences in mind, folks are welcome to purchase direct from the nursery by using the online ordering system, or if you prefer, you may email us with your plant wish list.  
If you need assistance in deciding which plants would be best for your site, please email us as much information as you have about your soil and sunlight conditions, as well as any other preferences you have for color, height, bloom time, etc.  We will send you a list of plants that may work for your location.
​  We are able to do a limited amount of simple design work in the off seasons (summer and winter), and we can also consult on and/or perform meadow installations.  For home landscaping projects, we can recommend several local landscapers that specifically work with native plants.