Coreopsis, Pink Tickseed 'American Dream' (Coreopsis rosea)

Coreopsis, Pink Tickseed 'American Dream' (Coreopsis rosea)

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Zones 3-8, SE Native (cultivar)

Height/Spread 1-2'

Full to part sun

Well-drained soil that retains some moisture

Damp, sandy soil is ideal; avoid heavy clay

Natural habitat is coastal plain river banks and pond shores

Pink flowers in summer

  • Bloom Color: Pink-Purple-Blue
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Features: Aggressive or Semi-Aggressive Spreader
  • Features: Groundcover
  • Plant Type: Flowering Perennial
  • Region: Native to Southeastern US
  • Soil Type: Medium to Wet
  • Sun Exposure: Full to Part Sun
  • Wildlife: Moth or Butterfly Larval Host